Related projects

We collaborate with many other European-funded projects also actively involved in working towards gender equality in the European research area. Find out more about each project and their specificities below!



Through the joint efforts of six partners, universities from three widening countries perform a responsible assessment of the current status of their Gender Equality Plan implementation, improving capabilities through intensive capacity building with the help of three mentor organisations. They develop and implement a GEP for agriculture and life sciences with sector-specific measures.

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RESET (Redesigning Equality and Scientific Excellence Together) is a H2020 EU funded project empowered by seven universities. From 2021 to 2024, partners have co-designed and implemented their first gender equality plan but also developed training, reflection on GBV and GIA among other tools to address the challenge of gender equality in research institutions and reconsider excellence from an intersectional perspective.



GENDERACTIONplus is a Horizon Europe project which aims to contribute to the coordination of gender equality and inclusiveness objectives of the new European Research Area through the development of two Communities of Practice, one consisting of national authorities and the second of representatives of Research Funding Organisations. 


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