Institutional Policies to Address Gender-Based-Violence in Academia – The 7P Framework

by | May 6, 2023

One of the major milestones achieved within the frame of the UniSafe project is the 7 P model;  7 P standing for Prevalence, Prevention, Protection, Prosecution, Provision of services, Partnerships, and Policies. This model represents a holistic approach to tackling Gender-Based-Violence (GBV) in research organisations and universities and has been designed according to sound scientific data and evidence from the ground. 

As such, this webinar series marked the formal roll-out of the 7 P model which will be further promoted and disseminated throughout UniSAFE’s lifespan and beyond.

Designed in an interactive format, it also sought to provide participants with a comprehensive understanding of GBV and its impact on academic environments.

Featured Guest speakers presented during each webinar practices built according to the 7 Ps model that have been implemented by European institutions and which succeeded in establishing institutional policies that combat GBV.

The presentations were followed by a session of questions and answers. 

This webinar series sought to: 

  • Give a common understanding of concepts related to gender-based violence (GBV) and understand its impact in academia; 
  • Demonstrate the existence of this phenomenon in the research field and highlight its specifics; 
  • Present UniSAFE’s 7 P model (Prevalence, Prevention, Protection, Prosecution, Provision of services, Partnerships and Policies) which represents a holistic approach to tackle GBV in Research Performing Organisations;  
  • Share inspiring practices for setting up and implementing institutional policies to combat gender-based violence in academia adopted by EU RPOs within the framework of the 7 Ps, with the support of guest speakers. 


Target audience:

  • Gender equality officer/focal point/equality and/or diversity officer;  
  • Human Resources officer;  
  • Ombudsperson;  
  • Part of a Gender Equality Plan team;  
  • Health and safety officer;  
  • Head of Department/Unit in charge or involved in gender-based violence.  


On the menu

All three webinars took place on Zoom

Webinar I – 18. April: “Prevalence”

This first Webinar took place on 18 April 2023. It addressed “Prevalence” and by defacto “Incidence” which represents the  first“P” of the 7P Framework. Based on that empirical data, i.e. facts and evidences, academic and research organisations will be able to devise tailored appropriate responses and measures to eradicate this particular form of violence.




Webinar II –  25. April: “Prevention”, “Protection” and “Prosecution

This second webinar took place on 25 April 2023. It addressed “Prevention”, “Protection” and “Prosecution“, three core elements of the UniSAFE 7P Framework,  which offers a holistic model for research organisations and universities to tackle gender-based-violence.


Webinar III – 2. May: “Provision (of services)”, “Partnerships” and “Policies”

This third webinar took place on 02 May 2023. It addressed “Provision of services”, “Partnerships” and “Policies” which constitute the strategic and final layer in any institutional response to gender-based-violence. They represent an instrumental element of the 7P Framework, as they dot any strategy with sustainability and far reach.

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